Josiah (JoJO) Joseph was a shunner of Cultus de Crofko who eventually became a prophet and befriended Crofko. His defining feature was his nose-less face, abnormally-shaped body, and tall beanie.


Josiah Joseph was born and raised in a barn in Vili Santai, Caligo. His mother, Jane "JayJO" Joseph was abusive to him and forced him to think the same way she did. JoJO was physically and mentally abused by his mother and everyone in the town all because of his lack of a nose. He blamed Crofko for his torment and abnormalities. He even threatened the whole town that he'd kill Crofko at one point. Though after he survived Crofko's Storm, he gained faith in Crofko and put aside any grudges. He had two children named Jerry and Julie Joseph (JerJO and JuJO).