Cultus de Crofko (Roughly translating to "Religion of the Crab" in Caligian) is a religion based around Crofko, a deity who takes the form of a colossal crab, sometimes depicted with having four arms. He is always seen with a crown and the Scale of Morality, an old-fashioned bronze scale that perceives the rights and wrongs of humanity.

Story of Crofko

While Crofko's origin is unknown, many say that he was born from the stars. Other say that he is the spiritual embodiment of the human soul. Despite creating all living beings on Earth, Crofko tried many times to eradicate the entire human race on many occasions. Crofko tried flooding the Earth, causing many large continents to fall apart and over 2,000,000 people dying. This tsunami was dubbed "Temaji Crofko" or Crofko's Storm.